Hair Extension Application Methods



Micro rings

The Micro Ring application is one of the most popular hair extension system.

The almost undetectable silicone rings are applied to your own hair holding it securely to your natural hair. The rings clamp securely in place and will not slip out even during the most challenging of activities. These can last up to 3 months before they need repositioning. With micro ring extensions, you can wash, blow-dry and style your hair as normally as you would if you do not have extensions applied.




Pre-Bonded hair extensions are gentle to your hair and easily removable. With Pre-Bonded hair extensions you can curl and brush your hair extensions as you would your own hair and we can add colour blends to create high/low-lights. Depending on your natural hair re-growth, your extensions should last up to 3-4 months.





Extensions last approximately 3-4 months with a maintenance visit . The Micro Rings are pushed back up closer to the scalp and the extensions are reused . The pre bonded will have to be removed and replaced after the 3-4 months








   Prices - Micro Rings & Pre-Bonded



  Full Head 16"


Full Head 18"




  Full Head 22" £280
  Half Head (Increasing volume) £150
  Maintenance £50
  Removal £50


   Booking your hair extensions applications during the
    FREE consultation will require a 50% deposit.


    Travel costs


    The first 10 miles are for free and then we charge
    £0.18p per mile.